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Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Volz were tasked with the immediate development of medias for the production of face masks, and quickly produced a range of medias suitable for the manufacture of masks Type II, FFP2 & 3 which were all fast tracked through the certification process and have been launched as our range of MEDIsyntex products.


Given the demand for certified face masks, in addition to the production of mask media,  Volz agreed to undertake direct mask production for the German and Slovak health authorities which initially included our erecting an emergency clean room and the installation of a complete surgical mask production line, and by August 2020 Volz will have a new purpose built clean room fully operational at our plant in Slovakia, complete with four production lines installed manufacturing three types of masks, surgical masks, C-Fold FFP2 masks and Cup Type FFP2/3 masks.


We are proud that our medias tested amongst the very best available, and our Medical Masks achieved the best results tested with an average BFE of 99.96%.


Due to the latest NHS test and trace implications for our businesses, many companies are issuing their staff with face masks, in conjunction with implementing the 1 metre social distancing rules.  The objective being to avoid the mandatory self-isolation of staff following a diagnosed individual declaring they have been within 1 metres of a colleague without protection. 


We can now offer our Type II medical masks to our existing customers. We pack these products in sealed packages of 5 masks, and all masks are CE marked and fully certified.


Unfortunately, there are over 10 million fake masks currently held by UK customers, produced in China, which are unsuitable for use.  They are all marked Type IIR, which has lead to individuals believing the Type IIR is the product they want, we manufacture Type IIR as well as the standard Type II masks but these are not recommended for general use.  The R relates specifically to a blood resistance requirement, which you don’t need for general use, also these masks have a higher breathing resistance because of the added blood barrier!


The standard Type II masks are water resistant, have low breathing resistance and are the correct product for general use.


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Please see Below the technical data sheets and copies of all associated accreditation for the facemasks