Our Covid 19 Response

We Feel that in these uncertain times a responsibility to provide everyone with quality protection. This is why we have not rushed into a panic to supply face masks that do not meat the stringent quality and standards required to meet manufacturing ISO Standards.

Cheap Isn't Necessarily the answer to the level of protection we need and want. 'Value For money is what we want, a quality face mask that conforms at a reasonable price, manufactured by a company that has unparalleled experience protecting many different environments across Europe in air filtration. 

We are very proud of our association with our suppliers. They work hard to make sure that we have the best product available at the most competitive value


If I wont wear it, why would I expect anyone else to? Is our policy.


Manufactured in Slovakia by a German owner. You will safe in the knowledge that it does exactly what it says on the label.


Stay Safe Everyone.